Linis Pro RO

Linis™ Professional 4-Stage Reverse Osmosis Manifold System

No need to compromise form or function with this elegantly designed 4-stage RO system that fits conveniently under a sink or anywhere you need pure drinking water. Comes complete with 3.2 gallon bladder tank in either plastic or steel, built-in TDS Monitor, and your choice of designer faucet to match any decor.

Linis Pro Ro system
Linis FLR-303 RO Faucet

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Linis FLR-303 lead-free chrome faucet included.
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Sediment, carbon, reverse osmosis purification system

• Elegant Professional Manifold
• Solid, Compact Space-Saving Design
• 3.2 Gallon Tank in Plastic or Steel
• Large Selection of Designer Faucets
• Built in TDS Monitor
• Economical
• Environmentally Friendly
• Delicious

Gold Seal Certified Certified to NSF/ANSI 58 for the reduction of:
Cadmium, Chromium III, Chromium VI, Lead, Selenium and Arsenic.
This system has been tested for the treatment of water containing pentavalent arsenic (also known as As(V), As(+5), or arsenate) at concentrations of 0.050 mg/L or less. This system reduces pentavalent arsenic, but may not remove other forms of arsenic. This system is to be used on water supplies containing a detectable free chlorine residual or on water supplies that have been demonstrated to contain only pentavalent arsenic. Treatment with chloramines (combined chlorine) is not sufficient to ensure complete conversion of trivalent arsenic to pentavalent arsenic. Please see the Arsenic Facts section of the Performance Data Sheet for further information.

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